How have you sinned recently? Are you uncomfortable with that question? Do you have a hard time admitting that you sinned recently? Do you think that Christians aren’t supposed to sin? It is hard to admit that we still sin. We want to be perfect and not struggle with sin, and we will once we reach heaven, but until then the truth is we still do sin. Even I have to admit that I still sin, and far more frequently then I want.

Do you face temptations? Have you given in to some of them? Have you ever wondered if it really mattered whether you gave in to them? Are you ever discouraged because it seems like it takes an enormous effort just to not succumb to the temptation? Paul dealt with the same questions and provides some help in his letter to the Corinthians.

I've finally come across a relatively robust way to test if a path points to a directory or a file when writing Windows batch files.

What are you delighting in? What are you seeking to give you pleasure, fulfillment, joy, satisfaction? What do you take pride in? Is it your job, or family, or hobbies, or recreation, or friends, or abilities? Whatever it is, and it may be more than one thing, that is what has highest priority in your life. And if it isn't God, then your life is off kilter and out of balance. For it is only when we are delighting in, deriving our pleasure, fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, and pride in God alone that our life is in balance and we are truly living.

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