Have you ever been rejected by someone? Maybe a friend or family member no longer wanted you to be a part of their life. Or maybe the company that you always wanted to work for didn't hire you. Perhaps some church or other organization that you were part of didn't listen to your input. All of us either have experienced or will experience some type of rejection and the emotional pain associated with it. Sometimes it is just a little disappointment and we get over it within a few hours or days, such as when we don't get our dream job. Sometimes it is devastating, cutting to the core of who we are, and we never fully get over it, such as when a son or daughter rejects everything you've taught them.

The other day I went running with a friend. We were able to keep a pace that surprised both of us; me because it was one of my fastest paces and I was just getting back into running, and him because it was his first run after a two month break. After we had finished and were cooling down, he commented that one of the reasons we did it so fast was because whenever one of us would feel tired and want to stop, he saw the other still running which pushed him to keep going. As I've thought about that comment, I've come to the conclusion that often our Christian walk is like that.

Have you failed someone? Have you failed God? This week? Today even? Do you feel like a failure? If you are a Christian then no matter how badly you have failed or will fail, God does not see you as a failure. In fact he chose you as his child and heir.

Are you frustrated with something or someone? Does it seem like nothing ever goes the way that you want? Is someone in your way, preventing you from doing what you want? Have you gotten mad at something recently because it didn't work the way that you wanted? These last questions start getting to the heart of why we get frustrated with things or people. Namely that we are focused on ourself and our agenda rather than the other person's needs or even God's plan.

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